Yandex opens Tolstoy Summer Camp!


Hello our dearest startup community!

Time for a good news: Yandex became our Platinum sponsor!  Aaaand this is not all: winners of Odessa Startup Weekend will participate in Tolstoy Summer Camp. Check it out what it is and rush to buy tickets for the weekend!

Tolstoy Summer Camp is an experimental workshop for those who want to learn how to create a startup from scratch. During those two months of the course, you will learn how to build a team, write a business plan and develop a prototype project. Then participants will be able to present their projects to Russian and foreign investors.

Yandex started working with startups three years ago by organizing regular open days called Yandex.Start. Later on they acquired a number of projects in 2011 and launched an investment program Yandeks.Fabrika.  But Tolstoy Summer Camp is another round of history. The main objectives of the camp are:

• Contribute to the rise of new Internet startups by sharing experience, knowledge and technological expertise of Yandex with the participants;
• Showcase developers and startupers Yandex API, and help them to integrate into their projects;
• Find smart, independent people and start working with them as partners or colleagues.

Guys, isn’t that awesome? Hurray!!